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  5. Nokia phones hit by malware attack

Nokia phones hit by malware attack

Nokia phones hit by malware attack

A malware campaign is targeting smartphones based on the Symbian platform from a handful of manufacturers, potentially posing a threat to millions of users worldwide.

If you have a smartphone running Symbian S60 3rd or 5th edition from Samsung, Nokia or Sony Ericsson then it could be at risk of infection, according to security software vendor NetQin.

The malware has been embedded in games and apps which infect the smartphone as soon as they are run, turning the infected phone into a botnet tool which can be manipulated by the malware's creator.

A botnet can be used to mount offensives against systems and other smartphones, according to NetQin.

In the worst case scenario it will be possible for the hacker to steal personal information from an infected smartphone's contact list and this data can be used to spread the malware further without leaving any evidence that an attack has occurred.

Around 100,000 smartphones could potentially pick up the malware and it is believed that many owners could fail to realise that they have become victims because thus far the number of malware campaigns aimed at mobiles has been relatively low, leading to user complacency.

Hackers will attempt to harness smartphones for their own financial gain, with access to services which allow them to milk money from the user without consent.

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