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Nokia still in decline, study shows

Nokia still in decline, study shows

Polling firm YouGov has published a report which charts the steady drop in Nokia's share of the mobile market which is being inversely paralleled by the rise of newcomers such as HTC.

Many current smartphone users who chose Nokia at their last upgrade will be ditching the Finnish firm's mobiles in favour of an alternative.

A statement from YouGov read: "Only a third (34 per cent) of respondents will consider getting a Nokia next time, a drop of 12 per cent since December 2009 and the number of those who expect to actually purchase a Nokia has also fallen.

"Only ten per cent of respondents expect their next handset purchase will be Nokia, compared to one fifth in December 2009. This is in contrast to 41 per cent of smartphone owners who expect to get an Apple handset next time."

The Symbian operating system that powers most Nokia smartphones is frequently cited by users as a major incentive to jump ship for an alternative brand, as is the perception that the Ovi Store lacks the density of applications to appeal to customers over rival platforms.

The culmination of negative opinions surrounding Nokia mobiles means that many current users will not only refrain from buying a Nokia, but will also dissuade friends from doing so. This compares poorly to the 70 per cent of iPhone owners who would recommend the brand to their friends.

Russel Feldman of YouGov commented: "Where Nokia once led the market, it has drastically fallen by the wayside. Its OVI store continues to be significantly outperformed by both Apple's Apps store and Android Marketplace.

"The market leader is fast becoming an also ran in the smartphone market. New products, software and apps are needed soon if Nokia is to keep up with its rivals."

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