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Opera Mini 5.1 arrives on Android

Opera Mini 5.1 arrives on Android

Android smartphone users will now have the option to surf the internet using Opera Mini 5.1 after it was released on the Android Market this week, bringing its site compression features along with it.

The updated browser app does most of the leg work before a single byte of data is sent to the user's mobile, with its developer claiming that the average web page will be compressed by 90 per cent in order to maximise speed, minimise network load and make it cheaper to access the web on the move.

In a press release, Opera stated: "Opera Mini is a favourite not just on feature phones, but also on smartphones, scoring an impressive one million downloads on the iPhone during the first 24 hours of availability.

"Opera Mini is highly optimized for almost any handset, delivering the best Internet experience on more than 3000 mobile phone models.'

The mobile search specialist went on to tout the newly added option to set Opera Mini as a default browser, which it claims makes it more convenient, and talked up the new iteration's "improved page layout on high-end Android handsets with large screens".

The popularity of Opera remains its greatest asset and now that it is on Android it is sure to experience similarly high uptake levels.

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