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Skype updated for iPhone iOS 4

Skype updated for iPhone iOS 4

Skype has become the latest of the big-hitting iPhone apps to be updated in order to conform to the new iOS 4 platform.

The most significant new function allows you to make use of the iOS 4 multitasking capabilities and keep Skype running in the background so that you never miss a VoIP call.

This is further augmented by the fact that the iPhone 4's screen will lock while you chat, which makes it impossible to accidentally make an input on-screen using the side of your face.

The Skype for iOS 4 app supports 3G, so you will not only be limited to Wi-Fi chats, although it is worth keeping an eye on your 3G usage so that you do not exceed the limit on your tariff.

The high resolution Retina Display of the iPhone 4 has been taken into consideration for the new Skype app, as it has been given a sharp new look thanks to the higher pixel density.

Sadly Skype has failed to harness the iPhone 4's front-facing camera for video calling, but then you will probably turn to the native FaceTime service for this feature.

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