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Symbian 4 screenshots leaked

Symbian 4 screenshots leaked

Although Symbian 3 is yet to make its debut, Symbian 4 has already had its first showing via some screenshots which feature details about its interface.

Symbian 4 is expected to arrive next year, although for the time being it is in the earliest stages of development, so these images may represent a fraction of its potential.

The images were captured via a PC-based emulation of Symbian 4 and give a fairly good indication as to how the new iteration of the operating system could appear, complete with very different interface from that offered by its predecessor.

The Symbian 4 homescreen system is on show in the images and seems to come complete with the expected array of widgets and applications.

Even so, there is a notable lack of modern touches such as 3D motion effects and transparent on-screen items, according to the Symbian Developer Wiki which leaked the pictures.

However, since Nokia is targeting the Symbian platform at the entry level and mid range smartphone market it makes sense to allow the software to operate on low powered hardware.

Observers have expressed cautious optimism over the direction of Symbian 4, although judging by these leaks it's unlikely to keep Google and Apple awake at night for the moment.

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