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Top 10 iPhone 4 antenna fixes

Top 10 iPhone 4 antenna fixes

The iPhone 4’s signal struggles present a key problem to the owner of the best-selling smartie. Namely, what solution do you employ to stop your calls dropping out every time you slip the blower into your left hand? Should you plump for a free bumper? Or go with a more DIY approach? Read on and we’ll serve up our Top 10 iPhone 4 antenna fixes.

1 Antenna Aid

antenna aid

Basically a fancy version of duct tape. A six pack of antenna aids costs $4.99. Billed by the company as ‘magical’ and ‘revolutionary’ (where have we heard that before?) they come in a string of bright colours and fit snugly along the bottom left hand corner of the iPhone 4. Ingenious by our reckoning.


2 Grove iPhone 4 bamboo case

iphone 4 bamboo case

Sturdy plastic isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. So if you want to sate your inner eco-warrior as well as being able to make calls without all your signal bars disappearing into the ether, this is where it’s at. It’ll make your iPhone 4 look completely weird, but also make it stand out from the crowd.


3 Jawbone Prime


Bluetooth headsets aren’t everyone’s bag, but the Jawbone is the best of the bunch. You’ll still look like a white van man when using it, but slap it into your ear, fire up your iPhone 4’s Bluetooth and forget about having to shout obscenities at your phone when a call is finished abruptly by that blasted antenna.


4 Apple earphones with remote and mic

Going hands-free permanently means no more antenna niggles for you. The white buds bundled with the blower are the usual Apple vintage. That is, a bit naff. These pricier (£65), proper in-ear efforts are better and mean you don’t need to handle the iPhone 4 during calls. You’ll look a tad foolish, but at least your calls will remain intact.


5 Belkin Grip Groove Duo

belkin grip groove duo

Silicon-based and with a textured rear so the slip-sliding iPhone doesn’t drop out of your hand when it’s not dropping calls. One for those who want to hide away the iPhone’s design and ensure it doesn’t take a battering when it drops. Oh, and it fixes the antenna problems too.


6 Apple iPhone 4 bumper

iphone 4 cases new

The official fix and one that’ll cost you nothing after Steve Jobs’s grudging apology last week. It’ll make your iPhone look a bit weird, but at least it won’t hide too much of the design behind nasty, ruggedised plastic. Only the sides are covered and it fixes the reception problems completely.


7 Case-mate barely there iPhone 4 case

A matte black case that matches the colour of the iPhone 4 and even has a little hole on the back so you can see that Apple logo in all its glory. It covers the sides too, so dropped calls will be old news - just how Cupertino wants it. A minimal and worthwhile effort.


8 Marware Microshell

marware microshell

Affordable at £17.99, this slimline black case measures just 1mm and will cover the back and side of the iPhone 4. That makes it perfect for those suffering from antenna problems and also means it doesn’t hamper that phone’s looks too much either. Jony Ive would approve. Maybe.


9 Duct tape

The ultimate DIY fix for cheapskates. Cover the antenna with a piece of hardy duct tape and dropped calls will be a thing of the past. Just be aware it’ll make your phone look like it’s been fixed by Jack Duckworth and will leave a sticky residue when you decide to pull it off. Not one for design fanatics.


10 Your right hand

Steve Jobs' initial cure for all your iPhone 4 woes, “just hold it right,” has gone down as one of the Apple CEO’s more bizarre missives. But it’s sort of true. Just don’t hold the iPhone 4 with your left paw and you’ll be just fine. But you might want to invest in a proper cover just in case you fancy swapping mitts mid-conversation.


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