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Windows Phone 7 manufacturers announced

Windows Phone 7 manufacturers announced

Microsoft has officially listed the smartphone manufacturers that will be working with it to provide the hardware for its new Windows Phone 7 operating system (OS).

HTC, LG, Samsung, Dell and Asus have been confirmed as working on Windows Phone 7-based products and although Microsoft would not reveal any concrete release dates, it did say that the first mobiles would be on the market before the end of 2010.

Microsoft's Greg Sullivan broke the news, confirming rumours of Windows Phone 7 mobiles from Dell and HTC. LG is apparently rebranding its prototype Panther smartphone as the Pacific before its launch, according to Mr Sullivan.

Every Windows Phone 7 mobile is going to use touchscreen technology at launch, but Microsoft believes that a certain proportion will also give users the option of a full QWERTY keypad.

Mr Sullivan said that Microsoft was not restricting itself to one or two network partners in the UK, so it should become part of most providers' offering in the near future, according to Pocket-Lint.

Microsoft is being particularly ambitious with its aims for Windows Phone 7. It believes that it will rapidly enter the top four most popular platforms, leaving everything from Palm's webOS to Samsung's Bada in its proprietary wake.

Mr Sullivan stated: "We will offer the best aspects of Android and the best of the iPhone, giving users the flexibility of different form factors, but with the rigidity of apps that are guaranteed to work on every device that is out there."

"By the time we will launch, we won't have to worry about stealing customers from other operating systems, there will a new wave of smartphone users to embrace for us to still be successful."

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