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  5. Worldwide mobile usage reaches 5BN

Worldwide mobile usage reaches 5BN

Worldwide mobile usage reaches 5BN

Demand for mobiles in developing regions such as Asia has seen the total active phone statistics rise above five billion for the first time, according to Swedish firm Ericsson.

Ericsson has managed to pinpoint the precise transaction that saw the five billionth phone go live, which apparently occurred on the 8th of July this year. This indicates that that the market has grown in size by a factor of seven in the past decade.

A press release from the telecoms giant stated: "In the year 2000, about 720 million people had mobile subscriptions, less than the amount [sic] of users in China alone today."

The company's research also discovered that two million new mobile phones are activated daily, with the biggest proportion being snapped up by those living in the emerging markets.

Ericsson's study factors in pay as you go and pay monthly customers under the umbrella term of 'subscriptions'.

It is believed that many people have more than one mobile subscription and, as such, these figures do not indicate that five billion individuals have mobile phones. Even so, this probably suggests that the vast majority of the 6.8 billion people on the planet now have a mobile phone.

Mobile broadband is another booming industry, with worldwide usage expect to reach 3.4 billion in the next five years, which is nearly ten times the 2009 levels of 360 million.

Ericsson predicts that 80 per cent of internet users will soon be getting online via their mobiles.

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