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  5. Xbox 360 games coming to Windows Phone

Xbox 360 games coming to Windows Phone

Xbox 360 games coming to Windows Phone

Games taken from the Xbox Live Arcade download service will be compatible with Windows Phone 7-based smartphones, manufacturer Microsoft has confirmed.

It was previously explained that the same basic platform upon which Xbox Live Arcade games are built would be present in the architecture of Windows Phone 7, but now confirmation that cross-platform compatibility is coming has been given.

Oded Ran of Microsoft stated: "There are four million Xboxes in the UK compared to 2.5 million iPhones; we're now working with developers who know how to make games and they're able to port Xbox Arcade games to mobile phones easily.

"Of course we're not talking about bringing Halo 3 to your mobile phone - users want a 42-inch LCD TV and surround sound to play games like that - but our XNA framework is a big part [of the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 launch devices]."

Compatibility with some PC titles is also expected, as the Windows 7 operating system shares the same basic framework with the Xbox and now with Windows Phone 7, according to Mr Ran.

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