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YouTube mobile site improved

YouTube mobile site improved

Downloading the YouTube app for the iPhone or indeed any smartphone may no longer be necessary after the mobile site dedicated to the video streaming service was updated to offer better performance.

The most telling feature of the new YouTube mobile site is that it uses HTML5, which is something that Apple has been supporting with the new version of the iOS 4 operating system over the Flash platform.

The Google-owned streaming site is showcased online in a video which demonstrates it running smoothly on a Nexus One smartphone, which means Android support is also set to be exemplary.

The quality of the video available in smartphone browsers has been improved, as has the speed with which videos load. The site has also been given a touch-conscious makeover to suit the touchscreen smartphones with which it will be most frequently used.

YouTube's Andrey Doronichev commented: "YouTube Mobile now receives more than 100 million video playbacks a day. This is roughly the number of daily playbacks that was streaming when we joined forces with Google in 2006.

"As the world continues to go mobile, we think this is a great improvement for users who want a more consistent YouTube across many devices, no matter where they are."

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