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3D visuals coming to Nokia's MeeGo

3D visuals coming to Nokia's MeeGo

Impressive 3D graphics will be one of the cornerstones of the upcoming MeeGo smartphone platform's functions, according to development partners Nokia and Intel.

The firms will be working together over the next three years to create smartphones and software which will work together to produce a development environment that is conducive to the creation of 3D-based technology.

The research will look into the integration of 3D projection which would allow mobile users to chat to what would essentially be a 3D video feed of the inbound caller.

The firms will combine their efforts at the Oulu lab using open source platforms and a number of experienced 3D researchers.

Rich Green of Nokia said: "3-D technology could change the way we use our mobile devices and make our experiences with them much more immersive.

"Our new joint laboratory with Intel draws on the Oulu research community's 3-D interface expertise and over time will lay down some important foundations for future mobile experiences."

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