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Angry Birds movie incoming?

Angry Birds movie incoming?

Angry Birds could be turned into a major motion picture, the development house behind the hit iPhone game has revealed.

Rovio's Mikael Head disclosed that negotiations are underway with Hollywood Studios in an interview with Variety in which he also outlined plans for themed TV shows and comic books.

Mr Hed predicts a three-year wait for the arrival of the Angry Bird movie.

Angry Birds is already installed on six and a half million iPhones and iPads around the world and Mr Hed said that it had quickly become a topic of discussion amongst Hollywood executives.

A cartoon version of the Angry Birds saga is already in development, Mr Hed told Variety and the firm is clearly targeting the lucrative kids market with a planned range of toys.

Costing just 59p, Angry Birds is cheap enough to be an impulse buy for many iPhone owners and on top of paid-for downloads, the lite edition has been installed a total of 11 million times since its launch in February.

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