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Apple hires mobile payment expert

Apple hires mobile payment expert

Apple has recently employed a Product Manager of Mobile Commerce, with rumours suggesting that this expert will be entrusted with making payments from iPhones possible.

Benjamin Vigier has worked on the mobile version of online payment service PayPal as well as on a payment app for coffee chain Starbucks.

This experience has led some to claim that Apple may be gearing up for a fully fledged payment assault with the iPhone which could see some consumers ditching their wallets altogether.

Further back on Mr Vigier's CV is all important experience working with near-field communication, which means that he will be entirely at home with short range wireless interactions between smartphones and payment terminals.

Further evidence that Apple is working towards making the iPhone a payment platform for products and services of all kinds can be found in a patent application that the firm filed to cover digital concert and event tickets. This could appear in app form before too long, according to Engadget.

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