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BlackBerry Torch costs analysed

BlackBerry Torch costs analysed

Research in Motion (RIM) has had its brand new BlackBerry Torch smartphone stripped down by analysts to determine the component and manufacturing cost of each unit.

The components that power the Torch cost roughly £110, whilst adding in the construction of each mobile gives a total closer to £118, according to iSuppli.

A spokesperson for the firm praised RIM for its forward-thinking approach to the manufacturing and component selection process, with particular focus on the fact that it has been able to lower its overall costs by using several long term BlackBerry features without compromising on the Torch's high end functionality.

"With this evolutionary approach, RIM has delivered a smartphone with an enhanced feature set that largely matches those of the BlackBerry's chief competitors: the iPhone and the Android-based handsets," said iSuppli's Andrew Rassweiler.

RIM is paying far less than Apple to produce the Torch, which means that it will be more appealing to the mass market than the iPhone 4, which remains expensive by any standards.

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