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Frame problems the real reason for white iPhone 4 delay?

Frame problems the real reason for white iPhone 4 delay?

It seems Apple can’t catch a break from its iPhone 4 mishaps as fresh rumours suggest the hotly anticipated white model of the smartphone was delayed by a manufacturing glitch with its frame.

According to the site WhiteiPhone4Now, which posted photos to support this claim, white iPhone 4 frames were being produced with a ‘rough and bent’ effect due to a manufacturing fault. Apple reportedly stopped mass-producing the frames until the problem could be resolved.

OEM sources claim to have now improved the manufacturing process and that it is producing frames in the desired quality.

As with any rumour, take this revelation with a grain of salt. The authenticity of the photos cannot be guaranteed as they could very well have been photoshopped.

Since its unveiling at the World-wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple has been forced to delay the white iPhone 4 not once, but twice. Apple has blamed the delay on an unidentified manufacturing issue, though recent rumours suggest it is due to the quality of the properties of the paint used to give the phone its colour.

Meanwhile, a Chinese company has beat John Ive and co. to the punch by bringing out a white iPhone 4 knock-off before Apple even managed to release the original.

The E9000 handset is a near perfect replica of the white iPhone 4, with some minor differences, namely the inadequate MediaTek microchip and a paltry 1.3-megapixel camera that hardly deserves the name.

Still, they have done an impressive job at replicating the look and feel of the iPhone and even the OS, also called MediaTek does a good job at imitating the iOS interface.

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