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Google tablet due November?

Google tablet due November?

Google's tablet-style rival to the Apple iPad is said to be prepared and ready for a UK launch at some point in November.

Google's manufacturing partner HTC, which supports the Android operating system with several high profile smartphones and produced the Nexus One for the search giant, is said to be behind the hardware for the Chrome tablet.

A US launch date of November 26th has been rumoured and it would be sensible for Google to kick start the Chrome tablet's life with a simultaneous global release, so it could arrive in the UK at the same time.

Industry insiders from the Verizon network in the USA have allegedly been involved in formulating the first price plans to support the Chrome tablet, which would see it subsidised and available free of charge as part of a 24 month data contract.

If the Chrome tablet arrives as a freebie in the UK it could revolutionise the way in which tablet computers are purchased, emulating the model used in most mobile phone deals to give a mainstream audience access to this cutting edge technology.

No detailed information about the technology in the Chrome tablet has been given, although the Verizon sources seem adamant that it is definitely inbound, according to The Unwired View.

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