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HTC Schubert caught on video

HTC Schubert caught on video

A smartphone rumoured to be the HTC Schubert has been revealed in an online video, with some suggesting that it will be the first Windows Phone 7 mobile.

The Schubert is a large touchscreen device that borrows from the design aesthetics of the HTC Desire and the HTC TouchPro 2 and bears the distinctive Windows logo on the main menu key below its display, suggesting that Windows Phone 7 will be the operating system it will eventually ship with.

The rear of the device has a quirky battery cover which is divided into three separate hues of black and silver and a camera with LED flash is also integrated. Although no details about its resolution was available.

The video, which was shot by gives viewers a quick look at the Windows Phone 7 interface, with plenty of sliding and scrolling screens which form the reinvented menu system.

That being said, the version of the software it was running is clearly from an old build as it lacks the polish of a finished product.

Although there is no official confirmation that this will indeed be called the Schubert when it's released, the Taiwanese smartphone maker has previously suggested that a new phone named after Mozart is inbound, so it is most likely adhering to that theme.

There seems to be a race amongst the manufacturers, notably HTC, Samsung and LG, to launch the first smartphone based on Microsoft's new operating system and the Schubert is just the latest contender for this crown.

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