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HTC Windows Phone 7 snaps leak

HTC Windows Phone 7 snaps leak

Leaked pictures of a new HTC smartphone based on Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform have appeared online.

The handset is apparently due for release in the US by network provider AT&T and appears to be a large touchscreen device with a sliding mechanism that would ordinarily be assumed to disguise a full QWERTY keypad.

The trick up this pre-release smartphone's sleeve is that the slider design is actually intended to hide speakers and a kick stand, suggesting that its principal focus will be on mobile entertainment.

HTC's official name for the retail version of this mobile has not been released, so the codename of T8788 will have to suffice.

Tech site Engadget the leaked images, but its source could not comment on the technical specifications of the slate-like smartphone.

It is expected to be amongst the first batch of Windows Phone 7 devices planned for an October launch.

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