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iPhone 4 dual SIM adapter launched

iPhone 4 dual SIM adapter launched

An iPhone 4 case which is compatible with two SIM cards, allowing for switching between accounts and networks without manually swapping cards, has been produced.

Mod firm USBfever has produced the iPhone 4 Dual SIM Adapter Case to act as a partial solution for those who need to use two SIMs to operate work and home numbers using the same smartphone.

It's worth noting that the case does not manage to squeeze two SIMs into the iPhone 4 itself, but rather houses them in a clear external casing which then feeds information into the mobile's SIM slot.

The adapter accepts full sized SIMs, so there's no need to trim non-standard cards to help them fit in the microSIM tray integrated within the iPhone 4.

The only problem with the adapter is that it will not allow both SIMs to remain active simultaneously, but this is a restriction of the iPhone 4 itself rather than the third party case. Switching between SIMs is performed using an application and the transfer takes a minute or so.

It's compatible with all iOS 4 variant and is on sale at a price of around £19.

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