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iPhone 4 security flaw fixed

iPhone 4 security flaw fixed

Apple has been quick to patch a problem with the way the iPhone 4 handles PDF documents to shore up its defences against viruses, malware and jailbreaking.

A security fix will be launched via an update, after Apple announced that it was already aware of the vulnerability and had prepared a patch before news broke of the problem with its handsets.

It's widely expected that the fix will come as part of the iOS 4.1 update that Apple is prepping for a launch at some point in August. This will be bad news for some, as it will make it impossible to jailbreak the iPhone 4 using the current techniques.

However, it's unlikely that the iPhone 4 will remain locked up tight for long, as hackers are becoming more and more enterprising in their endeavours to crowbar their way in to unofficial apps and software.

Apple has received praise for its speedy reaction in this instance, although this has largely been used to juxtapose its inability to solve the problems with the iPhone 4's antenna system against the more favourable performance in the face of a security hole.

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