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  5. iPhone app makes stethoscopes obsolete

iPhone app makes stethoscopes obsolete

iPhone app makes stethoscopes obsolete

Medical workers from around the world are ditching physical stethoscopes in favour of an iPhone app which replicates the functions of this essential tool.

iStethoscope takes advantage of the iPhone's integrated sensor technology to detect heartbeats, although its creator Peter Bently says that he only built the app to pass the time and did not expect it to catch on in the manner that it has.

The free version of the app went live last week and is currently being downloaded by over 500 iPhone owners every 24 hours.

"Everybody is very excited about the potential of the adoption of mobile phone technology into the medical workplace and rightly so. Smartphones are incredibly powerful devices packed full of sensors, cameras, high-quality microphones with amazing displays," said Mr Bently.

The replacement of stethoscopes with an iPhone app is seen to be just the beginning of the potential functions which smartphones of the future could harness. Ultrasound scans and blood pressure assessment could soon be possible using the mobile phone that sits in your pocket, according to experts.

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