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iPhone data theft tool developed

iPhone data theft tool developed

The arrival of a USB device disguised as a harmless memory stick but with the sole purpose of ripping personal data from the Apple iPhone has been greeted with mixed emotions in the media.

In addition to copying texts and pictures, the iPhone Spy Stick can snatch location based data stored by the iPhone's GPS and even your browsing history, all in a matter of moments.

The spy device will not touch your emails or call log, but even its manufacturer admits that it can be used to spy on partners or check up on what your children are doing with their smartphones.

The slightly more legitimate suggested use for the unsubtly titled Spy Stick is to recover data from your iPhone, although whether or not it still works if the phone will not power up after an accident is unclear.

To extract the data you simply need to plug both the device and the iPhone into a PC and the process will commence from there.

The iPhone Spy Stick is retailing for around £130 and although it will not yet work with iPhones that have been updated to iOS 4, the manufacturer is aiming to launch a new version next month.

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