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  5. iPhone targeted by UK game developers

iPhone targeted by UK game developers

iPhone targeted by UK game developers

The growing market for games on the iPhone is enticing smaller UK developers to produce new products for Apple's platform.

The developers are looking to bypass the publishers who act as middlemen for most platforms and sell their games directly to the users via the App Store. 66 per cent of UK firms are currently taking this route, according to analysis from trade association Tiga.

Half of the developers who steer clear of publishers create games for the iPhone, while those creating content for the home consoles is much lower because of the higher costs and lower revenues that are generated for minor developers.

Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga said: "Self-publishing offers developers the chance to produce a more diverse range of products at differing price points. It also offers the opportunity for developers to establish and maintain a direct connection with consumers."

Small developers are harnessing online sales outlets such as the App Store to maximise the exposure and availability of their titles.

Success stories like Angry Birds, which has been bought by over five million iPhone owners within months after its launch, act as inspiration for those striving to make an impact.

Many UK developers are looking to the US in order to realise their dreams.

The games industry does not get the same level of government support in the UK as it does in places like Canada, which is hampering start-ups, according to industry watchers.

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