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iPhone user satisfaction rated

iPhone user satisfaction rated

Apple is still riding on a wave of contented users after the launch of the iPhone 4, but even though it's received positive reactions the older 3G S outpaces it in this respect.

Analyst firm ChangeWave Research published the results of a modest poll which covered 231 respondents, in order to find out "what actual iPhone 4 owners really think about their new smart phones."

Oddly it was found that 5.2 per cent of iPhone 4 owners said they had experienced a dropped call in the last month, while a slightly higher 6.3 per cent of iPhone 3G S owners reported the same thing, suggesting that the antenna issues currently clouding the launch of the iPhone 4 may not be as significant as previously thought.

Despite this, 24 per cent of iPhone 4 owners said antenna issues were the main issue which they disliked about their new smartphone.

This came in second place, just ahead of the 23 per cent concerned with excessive dropped calls, which might suggest that the respondents generated contradictory data based on media negativity rather than real life performance.

Overall 72 per cent of iPhone 4 owners said that they were very satisfied with their smartphones, while 82 per cent of 3G S users echoed this sentiment.

"The emerging pattern is that while the iPhone 4 has been very well received by new owners, the survey findings aren't quite at the nosebleed levels seen at a similar point in time for the 3GS launch," said ChangeWave.

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