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Mobiles eat up Brits' leisure time

Mobiles eat up Brits' leisure time

Mobile usage and other forms of communication occupy around 45 per cent of the day for the average UK citizen, according to a report from industry regulator Ofcom.

The telecoms watchdog also revealed that growth in text messaging is still ongoing, with levels increasing by a factor of four between 2008 and 2009.

The good news for consumers is that all of the services that are being used more frequently are actually cheaper than they were two years ago by 0.2 per cent, suggesting that saving money on mobile deals and home broadband is allowing people to squeeze more value from the services.

Peter Phillips of Ofcom stated: "Consumers are using communications services more – phone calls, texting and the internet. Yet they are paying less despite getting more, partly through buying in bundles.

"For the first time we can see just how central media and communications are to our lives – on average we use them for nearly half our waking hours."

Facebook has held its position as the most popular website for mobile owners to visit, taking up 45 per cent of all mobile browsing time.

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