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  5. New teams attempt iPhone 4 jailbreak

New teams attempt iPhone 4 jailbreak

New teams attempt iPhone 4 jailbreak

A tool that allows users to jailbreak their iPhone 4s with ease is nearing completion, the cadre of crack hackers behind it have claimed.

The Shitra1n tools is the product of a group called the New iPhone Dev Team, whose head coder claims that it will jailbreak the iPhone 4 faster and with less hassle than any of its rivals.

However, the unknown team behind it is being accused by some iFans of building a phony hack.

The biggest problem with the Shitra1n tools is that an early leak of it came with a virus onboard, leading many to claim that the group is in fact intending to do nothing more than spread malware and dupe iPhone 4 owners.

Twitter users who supported the team and its efforts with claims of successful beta jailbreaks have had their own integrity thrown into question because their accounts were created relatively recently, suggesting that they are also part of this ring of deception.

The more legitimate Comex jailbreaking tool for the iPhone 4 has been the target of rumours from the so-called New iPhone Dev Team, with its head even claiming that the code used was stolen from his hackers.

In general this whole thing seems a little fishy and after many iPhone 4 owners were targeted with spam following the legalisation of jailbreaking in the US, caution is advised.

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