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Nokia ad campaign to slam Apple

Nokia ad campaign to slam Apple

Nokia is once more using the medium of advertising to take a shot at iPhone manufacturer Apple, with a run of TV ads airing from August 9th publicising the Ovi Store while poking fun at its rival.

The spots are ultimately attempting to boost awareness about the number of applications that are available from the Ovi Store, with an obvious focus on social networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

The subtle dig at Apple is only obvious if you look closely, because the icons for the various Ovi Store apps form a chain that is reminiscent of retro mobile gaming classic Snake, before consuming a line of icons that are designed to look like small apples.

Nokia's satirical intentions are likely to go over the heads of the average consumers at which the ads are aimed, but it will be clear to all involved in the mobile industry that the Finnish firm is throwing down the gauntlet to its US competitor ahead of the launch of the Nokia N8 later this year.

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