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Palm Pre designer quits

Palm Pre designer quits

The creative mind behind the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful Palm Pre has resigned from his position in the Hewlett-Packard owned smartphone firm.

Tech site TechCrunch reports that Peter Skillman who worked for Palm over an 11-year period is the latest high flyer to quit. He leaves in the wake of the departure of HP boss Mark Hurd, who stepped down recently after a scandal involving expenses and sexual harassment claims.

Palm was snapped up by HP earlier in 2010 and it seemed clear that the US electronics giant was keen to integrate Palm's webOS platform in new product lines whilst continuing to support the development of Palm’s next handset.

Mr Skillman is the fourth senior Palm employee to walk out since the takeover. However, rumours surrounding the exit of ex-Palm chief executive Jon Rubenstein have thus far proven to be unfounded.

HP has seen its shares fall after Mr Hurd announced his resignation, but it is unlikely to affect the company’s ongoing effort to employ key Palm assets in future product launches.

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