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Palm Pre vulnerability revealed

Palm Pre vulnerability revealed

A malicious program that can be embedded on any Palm Pre smartphone and used to turn the mobile into a portable bugging device has been discovered by security firm MWR InfoSecurity.

The program can be sent in a text message via the target's mobile and then allows third parties to capture audio using the phone's integrated microphone. It can also transfer personal data to the hacker without the knowledge of the owner.

However, a spokesperson for Palm, now owned by Hewlett Packard, told the Register that the vulnerability has been addressed in the current version of its webOS operating system.

The team who discovered the Palm Pre fault have also recently unearthed a security bug in the Android operating system which could potentially lead to users having their login details stolen from the native browser software.

Responding to the claims, Google said that it had yet to be contacted by affected Android phone owners and that the latest Android update has fixed the problem.

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