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Prototype HTC smartphones leaked?

Prototype HTC smartphones leaked?

An online classified ads site is selling two previously unannounced HTC smartphones, namely the Fiesta and Paradise.

It's unclear whether the two smartphones were test items sent out for preview or prototypes from HTC's factory, but they both went up on Craigslist all the same.

A user of tech site Cell Passion allegedly bought both of the smartphones and was able to divulge a little more information about their features and functions.

The HTC Fiesta has a large touchscreen display, while the Paradise couples this interface with a full QWERTY keypad integrated into its slider design.

They both appear to be based on the Android operating system and observers have not been hugely impressed with what they have to offer, although they seem to both be typically solid offerings from HTC.

It's not unusual for pre-release versions of smartphones to be leaked to the media, but using the medium of what is essentially an online swap-shop to do it is certainly a novel idea.

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