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Samsung Galaxy S glitch uncovered

Samsung Galaxy S glitch uncovered

Samsung Galaxy S users are warning that a software problem is resulting in the smartphone resetting to factory defaults whenever it is connected to a computer.

The glitch only surfaces when the Kies app is downloaded and used to connect the Galaxy S to a PC and this results in the complete deletion of all user data from the Android-based smartphone.

More specifically, only Galaxy S owners with stored files that contain more than 16 characters in the extension are affected, which means that a very small proportion of the user base seems to be involved.

Samsung has said that it has become aware of the issue and will be producing an update to remedy the problem as soon as possible, according to T3.

The Samsung Galaxy S has only been on the market for a month and it has already received widespread praise thanks to its creative use of Android and its Super AMOLED display that measures four inches across and outshines the current crop of rival smartphones produced by HTC.

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