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Sharp prepping 3D smartphone

Sharp prepping 3D smartphone

Sharp is set to launch a smartphone sporting a 3D-ready display in the run up to Christmas, as it looks to steal a march on rival manufacturers.

Originally it was supposed that Nintendo would be the first firm to get a handheld 3D device onto the market, as its recently announced 3DS console is set to land next spring.

However, it now looks like Sharp is going to beat this deadline by several months.

Users will not need the 3D glasses necessary for 3D TVs and 3D cinema experiences because the smartphone's display will enable the effect to be viewed by the naked eye.

As well as sporting a 3D display, the handset will be able to capture still images in 3D thanks to its advanced onboard camera, according to Reuters.

Sharp sells a majority of its mobile phones on the Japanese market and its international presence in the smartphone industry is limited. However, a killer feature like 3D could be just the USP it needs to make a splash with tech fans across the globe.

However, Sharp is yet to confirm whether the 3D smartphone will launch in the UK.

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