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SkyFire browser gunning for iPhone

SkyFire browser gunning for iPhone

The iPhone's App Store could soon play host to another third party web browser, with SkyFire becoming the latest product to approach readiness for Apple's stringent submission process.

SkyFire has been on the market for some time, but it has thus far failed to find mainstream popularity despite the fact that it has offered innovations such as native Flash video support well before its major rivals.

The approval of Opera for the iPhone is said to be the inspiration behind the planned port of SkyFire, as it was taken to indicate that Apple was willing to accept competition to the iPhone's default browser software.

SkyFire Labs is putting the finishing touches to the iPhone version of its browser, with sources telling Mobile Crunch that it should have the final build ready for Apple's inspection in the near future.

The developer is believed to be submitting the app early next week.

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