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Sony lampoons iPhone games in ad

Sony lampoons iPhone games in ad

A Sony advert for the PSP handheld console has been used to criticise the iPhone, although Apple can be thankful that this time it is not the iPhone 4's antenna issues that are the subject of satire.

See the clip in full below

In the advert, a young gamer complains about the paucity of good titles available on mobile phones.

Although he speaks generally about mobiles, it's undeniable that the smartphone that his unknowing friend holds up to the screen looks very much like one of Apple's pre-iPhone 4 mobiles.

The crux of the spot's message is that for less than £10, gamers can get some of the PSP's back catalogue, with most offering a far higher quality experience than the type of games you can buy for pennies from the likes of the App Store.

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