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Android phones get new Swype beta

Android phones get new Swype beta

Swype is issuing a second beta version of its touchscreen predictive text entry software, bringing with it a host of new features.

The new edition adds German and Portuguese to the list of languages supported, as well as a new, speedy means of preventing auto spaces and switching languages.

Also on board is “improved handling of several gestures collisions including want/wasn't, to/too” and a host of bug fixes, according to Android Central.

Android phone owners who are using the initial beta of Swype are advised to uninstall it and SwypeInstaller before downloading the new editions.

Earlier this year, Mike McSherry of Swype announced plans to have the software pre-installed on 50 Android mobiles by the end of the year.

The company also recently agreed a deal with Nokia to bring the typing tool to its handsets.

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