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Angry Birds hits Android phones

Angry Birds hits Android phones

Android phone owners with handsets running Android 2.0 or above can now get their hands on popular puzzler Angry Birds, after an unfinished beta version of the title appeared on the Android Market on Friday.

Check out the game in action in the clip below

Dubbed Angry Birds Lite, the trial version of the app is free to download now and although much of the content is locked, offers enough playable levels to give Android fans a chance to find out why it’s been making huge waves on the iPhone.

However, in keeping with its beta status, Rovio has warned that the Lite edition is unlikely to be bug-free and has asked gamers to notify them of glitches they encounter.

The developer stated: "This week, we were planning to run a closed beta test of Angry Birds Lite for Android.

"Due to the massive response and demand from the Android community, we have decided to make Angry Birds Lite Beta available for everybody through the Android Market this Friday.”

The phenomenal success of Angry Birds has recently inspired talk of a spin-off animated movie and a range of branded toys.

Last week, 15 levels were made available for iPhone gamers with the arrival of a free update.

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