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  5. Championship Manager 11 coming soon to iPhone

Championship Manager 11 coming soon to iPhone

Championship Manager 11 coming soon to iPhone

Beautiful Game Studios, the creators of the popular football simulation franchise, Championship Manager, is working on a new game for the iPhone.

According to, the studio is planning to bring Championship Manager 11 to the iPhone before the end of October. The studio has already released two previous iterations of the series on the platform, but boss Roy Meredith feels the quality of those titles weren’t up to par.

He said: "Before we had a situation where we ported it over from Java, we knew it wasn't a superb quality game, but it did test the market.”

However, he admits that the earlier editions still brought in enough sales to encourage the studio to start from scratch and create a game made specifically for the iPhone.

"It did very well, did CM09. CM10 was a half port, half made for iPhone, but this [CM11] we've started all over again.”

The main focus behind CM11 is to create a game that can be enjoyed in short bursts during commutes and coffee breaks.

Mr Meredith explained: "The amount of time we get told there is no good management experience that allows people to dip into it for 5 minutes at the coffee machine, 20 minutes on the train in the morning, 5 minutes when I've put the kids to bed."

The game is close to completion and should be submitted for Apple’s approval by the end of this month. From there it will be up to Apple to decide how long it takes before the game gets released on the App Store.

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