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Control your iPhone with your mind

Control your iPhone with your mind

Just as you thought that buttons were finally being phased out by touch-screens and accelerometers, a new accessory lets you control your iPhone with your mind.

Yes, telepathy, as it seems, is real. A new headgear named PLX XWave is in town that detects your brain waves and turns them into electrical signals that the iPhone can understand.

The technology behind the device, NeuroSky, is not new and has already been used in video games and toys, even the Nokia N97.

Tech-heads (no pun intended) can expect to pick up the gizmo next month when it retails for a not-so-modest $100. A number of apps will be made available at launch, including a game, a training app, a music controller, which will apparently let you compare brainwaves with other XWave users, and last but not least, a yoga meditation timer.

Although it’s a pretty small selection of apps for such a pricey investment, with SDK support to develop apps compatible with the headset, you can expect to see more apps to perform Jedi mind-tricks with in the near future. The possibilities are limitless.

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