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Dell Streak update hit with glitches

Dell Streak update hit with glitches

The Dell Streak has been hit with numerous glitches and bugs, after the smartphone/tablet hybrid finally made the leap to Android 2.1 yesterday.

After months of waiting, Dell Streak owners in the UK received the first Over-the-Air update from O2, which aimed to bring the device up to date with many of its peers.

However, it appears that the update takes away more features than it adds, with PC synchronisation, Windows Media Video playback and the Facebook widget chief among the missing functionalities.

Some of the affected have installed the update only to discover all their apps and data have been wiped by it, while others have reported bizarre glitches ranging from volume controls being reversed to browser controls disappearing altogether.

Disgruntled users have taken their grievances to the Dell and O2 forums and have lamented the level of support they have received so far from both parties.

Dell has promised to look into the matter and the same can be expected of O2, but this latest debacle only brings focus to the embarrassing reality of Android’s fractured model, which is something Google desperately needs to address.

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