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  5. Dev Team wins iPhone iOS 4.1 hack race

Dev Team wins iPhone iOS 4.1 hack race

Dev Team wins iPhone iOS 4.1 hack race

iPhone owners who’ve downloaded the latest version of Apple’s operating system should soon be able to jailbreak their handset, following the work on a crack hacking team.

iOS 4.1, which brings a host of improvements to Apple’s smartphones, was only made available yesterday.

However, hacking heroes Dev Team have already located a vulnerability in the new iteration and have pledged they’ll be bringing a jailbreak solution our way very soon.

Since they made the discovery, a host of other hackers have come forward all citing the same boot ROM vulnerability.

Reports suggest that closing the hack won’t be easy, not least because the fact that it’s at a low level segment of the OS. As a result, to have any chance of putting the kybosh on the jailbreakers, Apple will need to issue a substantial hardware update.

If you’re tempted to jailbreak your iPhone, though, might do well to remember the patent Apple filed last month that would grant the power to permanently disable hacked phones.

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