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EA to put gaming weight behind Android

EA to put gaming weight behind Android

Google’s Android platform has been making huge strides this year and leading video game publisher Electronics Arts has taken notice.

Speaking at the Deutsche Bank 2010 Technology Conference, EA CFO Eric Brown said: “There's a lot to happen in the future in Android and we’re trying to position our mobile business to take advantage of that trend."

He cited a report stating that Android is expected to command a quarter of the smartphone market by 2014, as opposed to only 11 per cent by the iPhone, which is not that far off the mark, as a recent report by comScore revealed that Android has now become the third largest smartphone platform in the US, with 17 per cent share of the market and is the only platform currently gaining market share.

However, the platform has been lagging behind somewhat in terms of quality game offerings against the iPhone and even the Palm webOS due to lack of proper SDK support and fragmentation.

The usability problems of the Android Market have also been blamed as an obstacle to the platform’s growth when compared to the quality of the App Store on the iPhone.

Brown added: "I think the next big positive wave to push better growth in mobile will be the deployment of an App Store equivalent for the Android operating system."

With strong sales and a steady influx of powerful handsets such as the Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire, gaming on Android is bound to improve.

EA is not the only developer to throw its support behind Android. Epic Games is hard at work in bringing its Unreal Engine 3 to the platform. id Software, better known for developing the Doom series, recently advertised for an Android developer position, and OpenFeint promises to bring many of the social networking features to Android being offered by Game Centre on the iPhone.

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