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HTC Sense smartphone U.I revamped

HTC Sense smartphone U.I revamped

HTC has super-charged its smartphone skin, adding a host of new features to what was already widely regarded as the best custom user interface around.

Unveiled today at an HTC press call, the new UI was shown running on the just launched HTC Desire HD and Desire Z and will massively speed up the time it takes the phones to boot up.

According to John Wang, CMO at HTC, the handsets’ new HTC SmartBoot feature will mean that phones can start up in around 12 seconds.

HTC Sense’s latest iteration will also allow handsets to sync content with a computer and will offer a unified inbox to make it easier to stay on top of email communiqués.

Users will also be able to pre-load maps, thus cutting out wait times when zooming and panning to navigate around.

Plus in a riposte to Nokia, whose Nokia World Expo today focussed on enhancements to Ovi Maps, a new site has been launched dubbed that enables owners to trace lost or stolen mobiles and remotely wipe them to keep important info out of miscreants’ hands.

In a online poll conducted earlier this month, almost 75 per cent of respondents named HTC Sense as the best Android smartphone skin.

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