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Nokia U concept phone unveiled

Nokia U concept phone unveiled

Nokia has unveiled an eye-catching concept phone, with hints of the forthcoming Nokia N8 in its design and a similarly full-featured spec sheet.

Designed on trendy wisdom-of-the-many principles, the Nokia U is the work of Nokia fans whose input was solicited for its Design By Community project.

Alongside a smart metallic sheen and large four-inch, capactive touchscreen that recalls Nokia 2010 flagship phone the N8, the U takes other design cues from the HTC Legend in the shape of its monoblock form factor.

Fashioned from aluminium and measuring a positively super skinny 60 x 110 x 6-10mm, the concept phone would be home to an eight megapixel camera with 4X optical zoom and HD video recording.

Also on Nokia enthusiasts’ most-wanted list is Dolby Digital Sound, plus an image sensor update at some stage in the near future.

News of the U comes days ahead of the Nokia World app developers’ conference, which is likely to see the unveiling of the N8 and its new Eseries handset the E7.

Alas, there are no plans to bring the Nokia U to market.

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