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Samsung Android QWERTY phone incoming

Samsung Android QWERTY phone incoming

Samsung is looking to build on the success of the Galaxy S with a new, mid-range Android smartphone, packing a physical QWERTY keyboard and slide phone form factor.

The South Korean phone maker’s Senior Product Manager Carey McGregor revealed its plans in an interview with TechRadar.

He said: "We've got another device coming through this year, which will be a slider QWERTY device, with a landscape keyboard.

"It won't mirror the Galaxy S (in terms of specs), it will be more mid-range, more along the lines of the Galaxy Apollo."

Mr McGregor was cagey regarding specs and branding for the device, but it’s unlikely to Samsung would abandon the Galaxy branding after the success of its most recent effort on the Android platform.

However, he did disclose that the handset is due to land during the fourth quarter to capitalise on the seasonal market.

News of developments comes as Samsung yesterday unveiled its debut Android tablet at the IFA show in Berlin.

Running Android 2.2. the Galaxy Tab sports a seven-inch display, making it more compact than the iPad which measures 9.7-inches.

Also onboard are front and rear mounted cameras, expandable storage via microSD card support.

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