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  5. webOS 2.0: new screens point to bright future

webOS 2.0: new screens point to bright future

webOS 2.0: new screens point to bright future

Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 have dominated the world of smartphones this summer. Upgrades, new phones and hype galore have helped squeeze talk of other mobile platforms out of the limelight.

But the emergence of a string of new screen shots of webOS 2.0 have caused a ripple of excitement amongst hardcore mobile fans.

web os shot 1

The operating system, widely regarded as one of the most intuitive and savvy efforts ever, is in line for a facelift. It comes as a timely reminder that while we get all het up by Google’s Gingerbread plans and talk of iOS 4.1, webOS is being primed for its second coming.

The new version of webOS certainly touts some clever features. Access to the peerless Dropbox is available, so you can grab files and folders from any of your machines wherever you are in the world. That’s seriously handy and something we can’t wait to get to grips with. There’s even MobileMe access promised, potentially leading to another Palm vs Apple squabble.

Filetypes now pack default app selection, a la Android. Tweaks like this are more than welcome and should make the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi fir for purpose, at least in the short term.

web os new shot 2

Hardware has certainly been an issue for Palm, and it’s to be hoped that this string of new spy shots points to its parent company HP unleashing a new phone packing the software very soon. CES 2011, set to take place in January, would be the ideal venue, surely.

The screens also give us a tease of what we can expect from the much-talked-of PalmPad - the iPad rival which is also being readied for release in early 2011.

They show that anything HP and Palm do choose to roll out will be every bit as natty as the Galaxy Tab or so-called BlackPad, making a webOS tablet a smart choice for tech heads and gadget fanatics after a killer alternative to make them stand out from the crowd.

web os new shot 3

It’s great to see webOS taking centre stage again. The excitement around the Palm Pre’s initial unveiling was palpable, as CES 2009 buzzed about this potential iPhone-killer. It didn’t quite work out like that, but with HP’s hardware nous and Palm’s UI skills to the fore, the future is looking really bright for webOS.

It may never better Android or iOS, but as a sharp alternative for digital pioneers, it’s got plenty of life in it yet.

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