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  5. Angry Birds arrives for Nokia N8 & C7

Angry Birds arrives for Nokia N8 & C7

Angry Birds arrives for Nokia N8 & C7

The special Symbian 3 edition of Angry Birds has landed in Nokia’s Ovi store, bringing some smart new features to the series.

Available now to download for free from Nokia’s download market, the Symbian 3 version showcases the first-ever appearance of the Mighty Eagle.

Perhaps best described as a "smart bomb" feature, this enables players to clear levels they’re stuck on. However, to maintain the integrity of the gameplay, the Mighty Eagle can only be used a limited number of times.

What’s more, players who do opt to use the silver bullet and who want to use it on a later level are forced to go back and complete the stage they previously cleared with the Mighty Eagle with the regular line-up of birds before they can do so.

Earlier this week, the full version of Rovio’s casual gaming phenomenon hit Android phones and has since racked up some three million downloads - defying the widely held belief that Android users aren't especially interested in games.

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