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  5. HTC Desire HD and Desire Z delayed until next month

HTC Desire HD and Desire Z delayed until next month

HTC Desire HD and Desire Z delayed until next month

The latest Android duo from Taiwanese giant HTC have been pushed back two more weeks as they failed to pass their fitness test.

The handsets were originally meant to start shipping in the UK on October 15th for those who pre-ordered from Vodafone, but now appear to have been delayed until next month. The Desire Z will now reportedly arrive on November 1st with the Desire HD to follow on November 15th.

Word on the street is that the handsets have failed to Google’s extended quality assurance tests, which led to the setback.

Superetrader, an electronics retailer, said: “Apparently, both units have failed last minute Google TA (Type Approval) testing which is exactly what was said about the original Desire days before release.”

We think the delay is most likely to do with testing of revamped HTC Sense UI, which was unveiled with the handsets at HTC’s press call in London last month.

The Desire HD is a follow-up to the hugely successful Desire. It packs the new second-generation Snapdragon processor, a capacious 4.3-inch touchscreen panel and an eight-megapixel camera with HD recording capabilities.

The Desire Z features a slightly smaller 3.7-inch Super LDC display, a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a five-megapixel snapper, also capable of HD recording.

Both handsets run on the latest version of Android, 2.2, AKA Froyo.

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