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iPad 2 specs leaked?

iPad 2 specs leaked?

The next generation iPad will sport a seven-inch super high density retina display and a camera, it has been reported.

Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities claims that Taiwanese component manufacturers informed him that the second Apple tablet will also offer improved storage space of 128GB. This is double the highest-end, current-gen Apple tablet.

However, while all these additions are largely to be expected given Apple’s history with upgrades, the fact that the device could feature a micro-USB or mini-USB connector alongside its base-located proprietary port is more of a surprise.

The so-called iPad Mini is alleged to be launching early in 2011. It is not yet clear whether the new, smaller model will replace its predecessor or whether both will be manufactured simultaneously.

Wall Street analyst Ticonderoga told Apple Insider that he expects total sales of iPads to 45 million in 2011.

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