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iPhone 3G speed test app launches

iPhone 3G speed test app launches

A new application that allows iPhone owners to test their mobile phone network’s data speeds has landed on the App Store, allowing consumers to make more informed decisions when choosing a provider.

The free-to-download 3G Speed Test application enables consumers to evaluate speeds across the gamut of connectivity options, including 3G, Edge or WiFi, to give an accurate picture of the speed they’re getting and see how it measures up with advertising claims.

They’ll also be able to see the results on an interactive map and find out how the speeds they receive in their area compare with other regions of the UK, as well as record their speed test history and monitor how it’s changed over time.

Along with monthly data allowances, mobile internet speeds have become more and more of a factor in choosing a mobile phone provider in recent years, as increasing numbers of consumers take to the web on 3G-enabled devices.

Analysts predict that the boom in mobile web use, which has surged alongside the surge in the popularity of social networking and mass take-up for new gadgets such as tablets, could result in congestion on networks in years to come, making finding the best carrier even more critical.

An Android version of the app is also in the pipeline.

You can find the app in the Apple app store by searching '' or by clicking this iTunes link: 3G Speed Test.

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