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  5. Spotify music app comes to Palm webOS

Spotify music app comes to Palm webOS

Spotify music app comes to Palm webOS

Spotify, the popular music streaming service from Sweden has launched its official app for the Palm webOS.

The webOS application will enable users, at least those that live in Europe, to instantly access Spotify’s ten million-strong library from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or network connection. There is also an offline mode that caches tracks directly to the device so music aficionados can keep on listening even while they are stuck on the Tube.

Other key features include the ability to wirelessly sync local music files from the desktop to listen with your Spotify collection, plus integration to let your friends know what you’ve been listening to.

You can also send and receive music via the onboard inbox, create, sync and edit playlists and share them via Facebook, email and SMS.

The app itself is free but to use it you are required to sign up for a premium account starting at £9.99 per month, which gives you unlimited, ad-free access to the Spotify catalogue.

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